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Founded by team of multilingual software localization engineers in 1997 and located in Portland, Oregon U.S.A., eGlobalEyes is a multi-lingual software, manual and website localization and translation company focused entirely on the localization engineering and quality language translation services for the Information Technology Industry comprising software, hardware, data communication, high-tech manufacturer companies and information service providers.

eGlobalEyes gained itself an admirable reputation for its capability to work in parallel with the software and website development companies to localize diverse competitive, multi-lingual products shipped simultaneously across virtually all of the international market segment that they are targeting and beyond, with the original U.S. product on schedule, within budget, and at the lowest cost without sacrificing quality.

Whether your product is still under development or has already been released onto the market, we will work closely with you, using leading edge engineering technologies that reduce redundancy and maximize accuracy to facilitate the successful marketing of your product in the global economy.

eGlobalEyes has combined a world-class team of engineers, translators, editors, linguistic professional, desktop publishers, and project managers using state of the art localization tools that help us not replace us and processes to guarantee to meet all your localization and translation requirements, large or small and to allow you to concentrate on your core competencies.

Our engineers have extensive experience working on most major platforms including Microsoft Windows, UNIX Systems and Macintosh; using the major Software development and programming tools. In addition, eGlobalEyes employs only mother-tongue translators and editors, both in the U.S. and overseas, and whose experience with translating string resources in the user interfaces or help  files and manuals, developing glossaries or terminology lists is unsurpassed.




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