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eGlobalEyes provides a cost-effective multilingual professional localization and translation services, on most major platforms, on schedule, within budget, and at the lowest cost without sacrificing quality.

Multilingual Software Localization Engineering
Technical and Non Technical Translation
Website Translation and Localization
Multilingual Desktop Publishing
Quality Assurance & Testing
Consulting Services

Multilingual Software Localization Engineering

This is the process of re-packaging and re-engineering a product or a software application and their associated on-line help, read me,  documentation, printed manuals, packaging and marketing collateral materials for a specific target language different from the market for which the product was originally developed, and ensuring that the functionality, usability and screen content is acceptable in the local culture. The software then takes on the look and feel of being developed for a particular language or culture. eGlobalEyes' engineers have extensive experience working on most major software development tools. eGlobalEyes' engineering skills and linguistics expertise sets us apart from our competitors.

offers the following engineering service for both Windows and Macintosh platforms:

  •  Windows software build, compiling resources, debugging, and checking hot-keys conflict.

  •  Localizing the executable and dynamic link libraries without compiling.

  •  Resizing dialog and alert boxes to allow the translated text to grow.

  •  On-line help build compiling and debugging.

  •  Apple Guide localization for Macintosh OS.

  •  Localizing Computer Based Training software.

  •  Localizing Cue cards/Wizards/Templates.

  •  Macintosh software build using Macintosh Programmer's Workshop.

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Technical and Non Technical Translation

To compete effectively in the global marketplace you need to be able to communicate to your customers in their own language, whatever that may be. eGlobalEyes employs only mother-tongue translators and editors, both in the U.S. and overseas, and who are experts in linguistics quality, accuracy, consistency, and knowledgeable in a wide range of subject matter. Our ability to leverage translations from previous localized versions of your products saves your company time and gets your product to your target markets faster. We translate and deliver it to you in the format you need.

eGlobalEyes provides translation services in the following areas:

Technical Translation

  •  Automotive Technology

  •  Business and Accounting

  •  Digital imaging

  •  Financial Application and Legal

  •  Construction industry cost estimation

  •  Engineering data sheets and technical papers (computer, civil, chemical, electrical, electronic, nuclear, mechanical, industrial)

  •  Training course materials

  •  Medical devices and supplies

  •  Electronic Equipment Manuals and Specification sheets

  •  Measuring, Testing and Controlling Devices

  •  Marketing brochures/Collateral materials (Box, Final press kit, Fact sheet, Registration forms, Disk and CD or DVD labels)

  •  Manufacturing procedures, Hardware product Manuals, Operation guides and Maintenance manuals

  •  Pharmaceutical and Biotech

  •  Printers, Scanners, Cameras, Modems, Network devices

  •  Telecommunications equipment

  •  Semiconductors industry

Non-Technical Translation

  • Birth Certificates

  • Death Certificates

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Divorce Certificates

  • University Transcripts and Diplomas

  • Personal Letters

  • Legal and U.S Immigration Services (USCIS) Documents

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Website Translation and Localization

eGlobalEyes has the engineering experience, the technical skills, and the linguistic expertise to localize and translate your Home page, Video, Sound, Animation and Graphics into any of the world's major languages, ensuring that all colors, logos, designs etc. are culturally appropriate for your target market. Our engineers work with the most popular websites publishing tools in the market including the file format such as XML, Java, HTML, Adobe Flash and others.

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Multilingual Desktop Publishing

eGlobalEyes' Desktop Publishers format and layout your localized product's documentation and marketing material in a wide variety of desktop publishing programs for both Windows and Macintosh platforms and produce pre-press, camera-ready materials for any application into any of the world's major languages, ensuring that the localized products closely follow those of the English language products and having the consistent look and image of all your company's products.

eGlobalEyes supports the following desktop publishing, word-processing, and graphic tools for both Windows and Macintosh platforms:

  •  Adobe InDesign

  •  Adobe FrameMaker

  •  Adobe Illustrator

  •  Adobe PhotoShop

  •  QuarkXPress

  •  Microsoft Office

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Quality Assurance & Testing

eGlobalEyes' quality control systems (Linguistic and Functional validation) are the most innovative and detail-oriented in the localization business, assuring you of the following:

  •  A process done right the first time by utilizing our core engineering and linguistic skills

  •  Your localized product works in the target country environment

  •  Your translated language is clear and understandable

  •  Your localized product's content culturally appropriate in the target country

Your company will also benefit from having our superior technical support systems accompanying your translated product every step of the way, and thus providing you with our all encompassing services guarantee.
Our goal is to assure your company profitability and longevity while bringing a consistency of quality to your company's products in the marketplace. You can assure yourself of this result by teaming up with eGlobalEyes' experienced, talented and innovative engineers, linguists, desktop publishers and project managers.

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Consulting Services

Software internationalization called ("I18N") involves preparing and designing a software application source code to be independent of language, cultural, and local conventions. The internationalized source code needs to simplify the creation of different language editions, of a software application.

eGlobalEyes'  engineers can assist you in the management and production of your in-house projects by providing the necessary process to accurately and efficiently internationalize your products that will be distributed in the global market. Some of the issues pertaining to internationalization are: Input method editors and double-byte enabling for Asian languages such as Japanese or Chinese, bi-directional enabling for Arabic and Hebrew, date and time formats, currency and number formats, character handling, and sorting.

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